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A Story Older Than India

A Story Older Than India

(India Ink illustration, Anu Jayanth)

In one popular legend, which I have heard at least a billion times, mankind enjoyed the same powers and privileges as immortal beings.

Before long, their incurable greed and treachery prompted all the smaller gods to complain to Brahman, the godhead.

Brahman decided to hide immortality from the undeserving. To each one of the suggested hiding places, whether the tallest peak or the deepest ocean or even somewhere in distant outer space, Brahman shook his head, no, and said that one day man would find it.

Was there any place beyond their reach? Brahman chuckled and said, “I’ll hide it in them, for they will never think of looking inside themselves.”

If you guessed the tongue, you are a genius.

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