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The Kiss

The Kiss

Smooching gurus say deep tongue kissing helps you choose the right partner. For a rich and long life, your mate is an important choice. A wrong match may send you and those around you sooner to the grave. The miseries at home are far-reaching, but of course, you can always resolve quarrels with the old adage, kiss, and make-up.

In my time, no one ever kissed on the mouth (maybe that’s why there are so many ill-matched couples serving life sentences). At some point, saliva began to be looked upon as dirty. But it really is a miracle fluid…the elixir of youth. A dry mouth alerts you that your body is wilting and withering. Note: The mouth should always be as wet as a baby’s mouth. Drool away.

Incidentally, the sages of yore who compiled the kama Sutra also passed on mind-blowing ways to retain one’s youth, especially for the creative soul. This knowledge sort of got passed on from mother to daughter to mother for generations until it landed on my tongue. That’s why I write and draw and hope that someday I will be relieved of this duty to my ancestors. Oh, if only, my mother hadn’t named me after Anusuya, wife of sage Atri and mother of Patanjali! Darn.

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