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Stronger Than Caffeine

STRONGER THAN CAFFEINE A hundred or more years ago, the people in Peking (present-day Beijing) must have known the exceptional health benefits of the n-ng rhyming sound and perhaps adopted it in their everyday speech. (Pekingese, I understand, is a designed dialect) Compare the Chinese yin-yang to the Sanskrit n-ng which also has a very pronounced y in front of […]

The Kiss

Smooching gurus say deep tongue kissing helps you choose the right partner. For a rich and long life, your mate is an important choice. A wrong match may send you and those around you sooner to the grave. The miseries at home are far-reaching, but of course, you can always resolve quarrels with the old adage, kiss, and make-up. In […]

A Recurring Dream

In a recurring dream, I am in a car with the seat pushed so far to the back as if I am driving from the rear seat and I’m just able to reach the brake with the tip of my foot, but I’m unable to step on it, and I cannot see where I’m headed because my eyes are glued […]

Daring To Be Wild

DARING TO BE WILD (illustration using India ink…love India ink) My son and I were walking our doggies in our neighborhood, when my son pointed to an oak tree ahead of us and said, “Mom, when you get to that oak, stop for a bit and listen.” When I got to the tree, I stopped and listened. I heard nothing […]