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One Meal Does Not Fit All

In most families, one person’s taste dominates. Almost always, meals are sampled first by the person who is preparing the food. Or the partners, over time, adapt and adopt some sort of neutral taste. As new members grow to become adults, the foods expand in quantity, but the items on the family menu remain the same. Since our taste buds […]

Stronger Than Caffeine

STRONGER THAN CAFFEINE A hundred or more years ago, the people in Peking (present-day Beijing) must have known the exceptional health benefits of the n-ng rhyming sound and perhaps adopted it in their everyday speech. (Pekingese, I understand, is a designed dialect) Compare the Chinese yin-yang to the Sanskrit n-ng which also has a very pronounced y in front of […]

The Way of The Tortoise

(India ink illustration Anu Jayanth) We are bombarded with health and beauty fixes every day on top news sites. There’s organic food awareness and a lean towards pesticide-free products. People are freely sharing super-food recipes on the internet. Every kind of spice from every part of the world line the shelves of most grocers. And vitamins and supplements fill several […]

Daring To Be Wild

DARING TO BE WILD (illustration using India ink…love India ink) My son and I were walking our doggies in our neighborhood, when my son pointed to an oak tree ahead of us and said, “Mom, when you get to that oak, stop for a bit and listen.” When I got to the tree, I stopped and listened. I heard nothing […]