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A Story Older Than India

(India Ink illustration, Anu Jayanth) In one popular legend, which I have heard at least a billion times, mankind enjoyed the same powers and privileges as immortal beings. Before long, their incurable greed and treachery prompted all the smaller gods to complain to Brahman, the godhead. Brahman decided to hide immortality from the undeserving. To each one of the suggested […]

The Way of The Tortoise

(India ink illustration Anu Jayanth) We are bombarded with health and beauty fixes every day on top news sites. There’s organic food awareness and a lean towards pesticide-free products. People are freely sharing super-food recipes on the internet. Every kind of spice from every part of the world line the shelves of most grocers. And vitamins and supplements fill several […]

The Kiss

Smooching gurus say deep tongue kissing helps you choose the right partner. For a rich and long life, your mate is an important choice. A wrong match may send you and those around you sooner to the grave. The miseries at home are far-reaching, but of course, you can always resolve quarrels with the old adage, kiss, and make-up. In […]

On Love and Passion

Nothing like love and passion to get the creative juices flowing. Go ahead, fall in love. Perhaps it’s the kind that lasts forever. If not, every one of those heartbreaks could become powerful art, poetry, and song, so don’t worry, enjoy the roller coaster ride. All the great songs and paintings and literature had their roots in a great romance. […]

A Recurring Dream

In a recurring dream, I am in a car with the seat pushed so far to the back as if I am driving from the rear seat and I’m just able to reach the brake with the tip of my foot, but I’m unable to step on it, and I cannot see where I’m headed because my eyes are glued […]

Close Up

Original India ink illustration by Anu Jayanth. This is my rendition of a close-up view of the tongue papillae.